TBH filtration


The powerful LN-Series is suitable for sticky and dampish dust particles. Examples: Laser fume / laser emissions, soldering fume, vapors from solvent or adhesive processes.

The FP-Series is generally applicable for dry dust particles. The used filter cartridges are cleanable by using compressed air. Examples: Fine dust particles as in the case of milling, drilling, grinding , laser processes of non oily and sticky materials. In connection with the pre-coating method these systems can be also partly used for sticky and dampish dust particles. Please do not hesitate to call us or the corresponding TBH representative.

The FPV-Series is used as pre-separator for rough to middle-sized particles. The inserted filter cartridge is cleanable. The dust particles will be collected in a dust container and can easily be disposed of.

The Chip Collector is a cost efficient system for collection of chips which are generated at processes like engraving, milling, drilling.