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10.31.18 - 11.01.18
Minneapolis, Minnesota
Universal Laser Systems | Booth 2005

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The ULTRA 9MWH platform equipped with MultiWave HybridTM technology can process the broadest range of compatible materials. This unique technology uses a combined beam of laser power containing up to three wavelengths – 9.3 µm, 10.6 µm and 1.06 µm – in a single coaxial beam. Each spectral component of the beam is independently controlled and can be modulated in real time. 

The ULTRA 9MWH is part of the ULTRA product line, which offers tailored solutions for laser material processing for the widest possible range of materials. The ULTRA series is designed and ideally suited for precision material processing in manufacturing, research and development, academic research, and prototyping environments. With its unique modular architecture, the ULTRA series, provides customizable solutions that can be easily reconfigured. A wide array of options is available for enhancing performance, capability, and safety to complete the perfect solution to meet present and future business needs.

Major features include rapid, high-accuracy laser beam positioning, precision focusing with autofocus, adjustable laser power density, an automation interface, camera registration, an integrated touch screen user interface, and support for fire detection and suppression.

The platform has a materials processing envelope of 36 x 24 in (914 x 610), with a motorized long travel Z-axis for materials with a thickness up to 12 in (305 mm). It supports two interchangeable CO2 lasers that can be of the same wavelength or different wavelengths for a maximum power of 150 watts. 10.6 µm CO2 lasers are available in the power range of 10 to 75 watts. 9.3 µm CO2 lasers are available in 30, 50 or 75 watts. Fiber lasers are available in 40 or 50 watts.